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The Truth About Idol Worship

The worshipping of idols is against the laws of the Most High.  (Lev. 26:1)  The first two commandments teaches us to serve the Lord only. (Ex. 20: 3-4) Thou shalt have no other gods before me.  Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image. Israel was required to obey and follow the Lord only (Deut. 6:4) and not the other strange false gods of the other nations.  (Psa. 96:5) yet, this was one of the first laws that was broken
when the Lord delivered Israel from bondage in Egypt.  They built the golden calf
(Ex. 32: 1-8) and worshipped it.  This is why the Lord says he is jealous (Ex. 34:14) and
to serve idol gods is spiritual fornication against him.

            There were many false idol gods that the nations created that Israel served in ancient times such as:  Baal, Molech, Ashtoreth, Queen of heaven, Tammuz, Zeus, Diana,
Ra, Isis, Ahla, Kaba stone, Buddah, etc.  (1kgs. 19:18, Rom. 11:4, Lev. 18:21,
Eze. 8:14-16, Jer. 44:17-19, Acts. 19:24-35) These same idol gods are worshipped in the form of religion, philosophy, and theology in churches today.  The Lord teaches us out the Bible (Deut. 17:2-5) that if a man or woman be found serving other false idol gods that man or woman shall be put to death.  (Deut. 4:15-19, 2Kgs. 17:7-12)

            The Lord teaches us out of the Bible to serve idol gods is spiritual adultery or fornication (Eze. 23:37), Apoc. Wis of Solomon 14:4) because the Lord chose Israel as his wife.  (Jer. 3:1,20) Therefore, like a man whose wife plays the harlot and commits adultery likewise Israel played the harlot against the Heavenly Father when they served and bowed down to idol gods.

Today the religious institutions, churches, and theological seminaries, teach lies and have taken the place of idol worship.  Religion – (Latin word ‘religio or religare’ to
hold back or restrain.)  These are modern day forms of idol worship such as: Roman Catholicism, Christianity, Muslim, Jehovahs witness, Seven day Adventist, Baptist,
Episcopalian, Pentacostal, Judaism, Buddahism, etc. These religions are no different than idols, they restrain you from keeping the laws and commandments of the Bible.  The Lord said, keep the commandments. (Matt. 19:17-24)

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