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A Hebrew Israelite Congregation

The House of David is a Hebrew Israelite congregation. Its purpose is to teach those individuals whose forefathers are of Negroid and Indian descent scattered through out mainly  North, South, and Central America, about their biblical roots and true nationality recorded in The Holy Bible. Its aim is to learn and practice the biblical traditions of the Hebrew Israelites, also known as the Jews of the Nation of Israel, to reclaim their heritage and fully understand their historical origin and purpose in humanity.  Congregationalists learn their relation to (God) YAHAWAH, his beginnings, his end times, and prophecies, as were written by the prophets in the scriptures. With  race names such as African Americans, West Indians, Haitians, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Panamanians, Colombians, North American Indians, Seminole Indians, and Mexicans. The real history of the Hebrew Israelites has not yet been written. It has taken America four hundred years after the Atlantic Slave trade to realize that her architecture, literature, music, militarism, and athleticism all have its preeminence through Hebrew Israelite contribution. It may take a few more years to establish that the spiritual, moral, ethical, and ideological roots of ‘Black” and “Indian” history derive from ancient Israel.  This is a viewpoint which is beginning to be understood more and more in the minds of churchgoers, bible readers, and secular scholars. Therefore, learning of the historical and prophetic writings of the Holy Bible will foster redemption and reclamation of the true descendents of the Nation of Israel. 

The House of David was established in 1995 by the late Elder Moshe Ben Chareem. Its Bible teachings and biblical beliefs emerge from Bible History, Archeology, Prophecies, and current World issues.  The ceremonial practices originate from the teachings of the late Elder Peter Sherrod (Ya-I-Qab), who acquired teachings from the late Elder Bibbins and the late Elder W.A. Matthew in the 1960’s.

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