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The Twelve Tribes of Israel

Gen. 49:1 - Jacob called his sons, and said gather together, so he can tell what will happen to them in the last days. (Before we go into the breakdown of who the Tribes are, let’s go back to Solomon when he disobeyed the Most High).

1 Kings 11:9-13 - So the Most High stirred up adversaries against Solomon. Jeroboam rose up against Solomon. 1 Kings 11:26-36 - From this time the Kingdom was split into two kingdoms, Judah (Southern Kingdom), Israel (Northern Kingdom). 1 King 12:19 - The Most High raised up the Assyrians against Israel (Northern Kingdom). 2 Kings 17:3-8 - Israel (Northern Kingdom) went into captivity under the Assyrians. Then they were dispersed to go over the rivers. 2 Kings 17:18-24 - These are the Ten Tribes which were carried away prisoners out of their land in the time of Hosea. The Apocrypha an extension of the bible. 2 Esdras 13:40-47 - The Ten Tribes entered into the Euphrates, came through the river. And through that country was a great way to go of a year and a half. Note.. The Tribes didn’t come through the bearing strait, like so called European historians state in history. These Ten Tribes came to North, South, Central America, and the Caribbean Islands.

Historical books on the Tribes just to name a few. Lost Tribes and Promised Land (Author Ronald Sandlers pg 361-367). History of the American Indians (Author James Adair) The Lost Tribes A Myth (Author Professor Allen Godbey), Babylon Too Timbuktu (Author Rudolph Windsor), Nature Knows No Color Line (Author William Katz), Omni Magazines “Digs” Section 1995 (Author Jeffery Hecks), America B.C. (Author Barry Fell).

(1)        Reuben - Seminole Indians - Gen 49:3-4 - First born son of Jacob. Jacob his might and the beginning of his strength meaning all inheritance and glory go to the first born. The excellency of dignity represents the great pride and customs and traditions that the Seminole Indians kept, when the European American unjustly killed and stole their lands and deprived them of their existence as indigenous people. Excellency of power represents great militancy, and being a formidable enemy to the European American in the wars they fought against them.

I Chronicles 5:18-26 - Unstable as water represent their constant wandering, moving, as Nomads. Because of the European American savage and vicious, dispossession of their lands. Reuben did not excel, for one he defiled his father’s concubine by sexual immorality - I Chronicles 5:1

Deut 33:6 - Moses blessing Reuben to let Reuben live, and not die, and don’t let his men be few. Due to the extermination that was instituted upon them by the European American Government. Reuben resides in Florida today and parts of Oklahoma and southern states.

(2)        Simeon & (3) Levi - Gen 49:5-7 - Simeon and Levi are brethren, the people occupying the Island of Santo Domingo & Haiti known as Hispaniola. They share one island divided into two, which makes them close by neighbors or brothers. Instruments of cruelty that’s in their habitations represents the machete that they use for warfare. But mainly it represents the Voodoo that used against their people or enemies.

(6th verse) - Jacob didn’t want his righteous spirit to be involved in their secret endeavors that they have assembled, because of what they did to the inhabitants that dwell in Canaan (Gen 34:24-31), when they defiled their sister. Be not united; that’s why Santo Domingo & Haiti is divided by language barriers, and skin color and racial differences.

(7th verse) Jacob is letting us know cursed be their anger for what they did to their enemies, who defiled their sister, for it was cruel and they were divided and scattered amongst Israel, when the nation was split into the Southern Kingdom & Northern Kingdom. Deut 33:8-11 - The Thummin and Urim represented a certain elemental stone that was worn on the breast plate of the High Priest when he went into the Holy of Holies, to commune with the Most High, and there the Most High will show him judgment of the Children of Israel. The elemental stone will illuminate, and give off accurate information from the Most High to the High Priest.

(9th verse) Meaning when it came to the judgments and laws off the Most High it was no respect of persons (Exodus 32:26-28) they executed the righteous order and penalties, and were well disciplined.

(10th verse) The office of the Levites was to teach Jacob the Most High judgments, and Israel the Law. Administer the priesthood by Putting Incense before the Most High and burnt sacrifice upon the Altar for a covenant of Salt (forever). (11th verse) Moses asking the Most High to bless Levi and all his substance (which including all the first fruit of their tithes). And to accept the work that they do for the Most High. And destroy all the enemies that rise up against Levi. So how does this correlate with the Haitians. The Haitians practice spiritual rituals on the negative side of life that requires sacrifices of animals, incense burning. Due to the fact that we broke the Most High Laws, we were punished and cursed. So we see Haiti as the bases and most contemptible of the people. Malachi 2:2-3 & 8-9.

(4)        Judah - So-called Afro Americans or Black American - Gen 49:8-12 - The other tribes, Judah Brothers shall praises him for all his accomplishments in sports, academia, politics, economics, entertainment, law enforcement and military. Judah’s hand shall be in the neck of their enemies (European America Government) meaning America is the top ruling nation in the world (North America) America is the head. The neck of his enemies of all the tribes Judah is the most prominent position to over take their enemies. The other tribes shall bow down before Judah. To give respect and credence.

(9th verse) A lion’s whelp represents a young courageous lion. The prey represents the bible. They have gone away form the truth of the bible. Thou art gone up. Means they have gone into the ways of the Europeans American and learned and accustomed themselves to his way of life, custom and traditions, and also to the ways of African traditions he stooped down, he couched as a lion. He is preparing to prance upon his enemy. But eventually all of his endeavors were stopped by the U.S. Government under the F.B.I., CIA and Illuminati by using infiltration tactics, drugs, and coin telpro operations. As an old lion who shall rouse him up? A more fight, spunk and courage. After the late 70's Judah fell asleep again, and became very complacent with their enemy. The prophecies of the bible shall rouse him up.

(10th verse) The Royal staff shall not depart form Judah. The scepter represents royalty that will not depart form Judah nor a lawgiver from between his feet. Administrating justice, order, and ruler ship until Shiloh come. So up until Christ came on the scene Judah still had maintained the ruler ship. Until it was taken by the Romans. Unto him, is “Christ”, shall the gathering of the people be.
(11th verse) Binding his foal unto the vine bringing Israel back to the Most High, back to the covenant that the Most High made with Israel. Washing his garments in wine, shows the characteristics of Judah drinking large amounts of wine, and getting his clothes immerse in wine.

(12th verse) His eyes shall be red with wine, the pupils of his eyes are red, being consume with wine. To perceive and receive wisdom, knowledge and understanding. White teeth characteristic of Judah.

(Duet 33:7) - Moses blessing Judah, the most hears the prayers and requests of Judah and gathers him unto his people. Let his works be sufficient for him for survival. And finally in the final analysis the Most High is going to protect and deliver us from our enemies (all nations including the European American).

I Chronicles 28:4 - The Most High chose Judah to be ruler of Israel. I Chronicles 5:2 - Of Judah came the Chief Ruler which is seen amongst the so-called Afro-Americans. Zechariah 12:7 - The Most High shall save the tents of Judah first, that the other tribes magnify not themselves against Judah.

5.         Zebulun - Panama to Guatamala - Indians Tribes Cunas, Chocoes and San Blas. Zebulun dwells on the sea coast surrounding good shipping accessibility, for importing & abundance of Aqua marine life, warm climate (tropical) exporting. He shall be a haven of ships. Gen 49:13 - Represents the Panama Canal Zone completed in 1914 under Teddy Roosevelt authorization. And his border shall be unto Zidon. Back in our homeland Israel. Zebulun border extended to Zidon, a city in Israel on the sea coast.

Deut 33:18-19 - Zebulun rejoices in their going out from trading and commerce, and Issachar in their tents. Zebulun extends his dealing and trading with his next door neighbor the Aztecs. The Land of Mexico. Zebulun represents the Mayan Indians of Central America, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Belize, Nicaragua, and Coasta Rica.  Issachar in their tents represents the close relationship that they shared together as border line neighbors. The shortest route form Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean is through The Panama Canal Zone. A strategically link to both continents, but especially for the U.S.A. for military defensive purposes.

19th verse - Zebulon the Mayan Indians called the Aztecs and other Indian Tribes unto the mountain where they kept ceremonial customs, like the ceremonial laws that are found in the Laws of Moses. But after a period of time they started to offer unrighteous sacrifices that became wicked and evil. The abundance that they sucked from the seas represents the vast fish life, the rich coastline of riches, mineral deposit gold & diamonds, pleasant topical seas, and archaeological remains.

6.         Issachar - Mexicans or Central America Aztec Indians - Gen 49:14-15 - The Mexicans are strong hard working individuals that work for low wages on certain jobs in the U.S.A. for example sweat shops, farms, factories. Also N.A.F.T.A. being established in Mexicans use for carrying their heavy burdens. Two burdens on top the donkey’s back, one on each side. The rest that he saw was good, represents the Siesta’s they have in Mexico known as a midday nap, all work is stopped at 12 o’clock. The pleasant land represents the beautiful land of Mexico, the beaches, warm tropical climate and tourist resorts for vacationing. He bowed his shoulder to bear, when the European invaders conquered them. And made them slaves to work in silver mines, and other forms of servitude. He became a servant unto tribute. Being taxed heavily by their oppressors.

Deut 33:19 - The Aztecs & Mayan’s shared a close-knit affiliation in trading, communication, and religious worshiping. I Chron 12:32 - They were able to read and observe the heavenly body with great accuracy (astronomy).

7.         Gad - North American Indians - Gen 49:19 - The troop that shall overcome him, is the U.S. Calvary during the Indians Wars. But the Indians shall overcome at the last, when the Most High raises up the N.A. Indians, in the European American downfall. Deut 33:20-21 - The blessing of the enlargement of Gad is the vast land given to them when the Ten Tribes arrived to America on ships from the Atlantic Ocean. Wood lands of the East with rivers and lakes, prairie lands in the Midwest. Sienna valley deserts and the Pacific West coast. Gad dwells as a lion is relevant to the facial war paint markings, the Indians wore. As lions the hunted the herds of buffalo with swiftness of the roe deer. The crown upon is head symbolizes the feathered headdress worn by Chiefs. Their noble looks resemble the manned majesty of a lion. The tearing of the arm pertains to the Indians blood brother alliance.

I Chron 5:18 - They were skillful warriors. Deut 33:21 - He provided the first part of himself, he also took of the land that was given to him here in America. Because amongst Gad there where leaders that executed the Law. And also being scouts they came with the heads of the people, with the rest of the 10 Tribes, migrating to America. Gad executed the justice of the Most High (Laws) and his judgments with Israel. Of all the Tribes Gad kept more of the Laws, customs & traditions of Israel for instance the wearing of fringes,

Num. 15:37-40, Chiefs over their Tribes I King 8:1, following the months by moon
I Sam 20:5, smoke signals Judges 20:38, - Made tents from animal skins Exd 36:19-20 - They produced curios wood works, jewelry, stones fabrics, skins (animal) Exd 35:25-27 - Hunting the buffalo (pygarg) Deut 14:5, The Indians had prophets they called medicine man or shamans I Sam 9:9-10

8.         Asher - From Colombia South America to Uruguay - Gen 49:20 - Asher’s bread shall be fat, is relevant to the vast agricultural fertile land that produces large quantized of food. The great (coffee, sugar, grains) forestry, jungles for medicinal properties. The royal dainties he shall yield, represents the exquisite chocolates, nuts, fruits and pastries grown in South America..

Deut 33:24-25 - Asher is blessed with children in abundance, Brazil for instance, a large population of children. Let him be acceptable to the rest of his brothers scattered throughout South America.. Dipping is foot in oil is the large amount of oil produced in Venezuela. His shoes shall be iron and brass signifies the mineral deposits as iron, brass, steel, copper and many more natural resources that makes a country, self sufficient what’s under your shoes the ground or earth so it’s letting you know that underground is a lot of mineral resources under your shoes. As thy days, in accordance to the self sufficiency of that country, as long as they maintain their days so will their strength be.

9.         Naphtali - Argentina & Chile - Gen 49:21 - A hind is a female deer. A hind let loose is a very happy and agile creature leaping and skipping all over the place. Goodly words that he giveth are the peaceful and joyous attitude, they have when you are confronted by them. The Araucanian Indians are the Indians of Argentina & Chile.

Deut 33:23 - Satisfied with favor is the good land rich in cattle, coffee, wine. That’s the blessing of the Lord. Possess the west and the south. Argentina & Chile is the most western country in South America, and Argentina is the most southern country in South America the furthest south of all countries. Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, also represents the good air of the country, also of the Indians pleasantness.

10.       Ephraim & (11) Manasseh - Puerto Ricans & Cubans - Gen 49:22-26 Joseph fathers of Ephraim & Manasseh the name and title of Joseph fell on Ephraim. (Num 1:32 & Ezek 37:16-19). A fruitful bough is in relevance to a tree that has branches so abundantly, just like Puerto Ricans have numerous children. Even a fruitful bough by a well, it’s planted next to a well which makes it more fruitful and fertile. Their branches ran over the wall, when the Spaniards or Conquistadors or Europeans raped and robbed them. The Puerto Ricans branches went over to the enemies. The name Ephraim means fruitful. The Archers that sorely grieved him are the Spaniards, that shot at him, and hated them the Spaniards or Conquistadors were cruel vicious, and hated the true Indigenous people of Puerto Rico. Names that they gave themselves were Boriquen or Boriqua, and Taino. The name Boriquen (means land of the noble Lord) his bow that abode in strength resembles the Most High preserving a remnant of them, form being totally destroyed form the Spaniards. Joseph himself because a shepherd (a leader) the stone of Israel when we were in Egypt. He became a ruler in the land of Egypt under pharaoh. This Joseph is the father of Ephraim. The Most High helped and blessed Joseph while he was in Egypt. The blessings of heaven above, represents the beautiful skies, warm tropical climate, and rain in its due season.

Blessings of the deep, that lieth under is beautiful seas, beaches and rivers. The vast abundance of food (fish) from the sea and its famous Blue Marlin Tournaments held annually. Blessings of the breast and of the womb, symbolizes the fertility of their women to reproduce rapidly. Breast (for breast feeding and nourishing the child). Womb (bringing forth children). We see today that Puerto Ricans are becoming one of the largest so called Hispanics or Latino group’s. In New York City, there almost 2 million. The blessings of Joseph have prevailed above the blessings of his progenitors, means the blessings that were given to any of the patriarchs. He became the first leader to ever rule in a kingdom, which he became second in charge over all Egypt, and the best land of Egypt. This blessing was also passed down to Ephraim & Manasseh, when they were given possession of their lands in Israel, and when they came to the islands, Joseph was separated from his brethren, when he was sold into Egypt. This was when the crown was placed on his head.

Deut 33:13-17 - Blessed of the Lord be his land a fertile and fruitful land, fruits and vegetables precious things of heaven for the dew, is the sun, moon, stars. Moon and stars for their visibility, and the effect it has in causing the dew to sit on the land that produces great vegetation. The deep that coucheth beneath, beautiful beaches, and seas. The precious fruits, Goya products, Mangoes, Papaya’s pineapples and much more fruits brought forth from the sun, warm tropical climate 82 degrees. The precious things put forth by the moon. The great tides, fishing season, planting season, and the famous coqui a frog that only comes out at night and only lives in Puerto Rico. The chief things on the ancient mountains and for the precious things of the lasting hills represents the coffee that grows in the hills, the gold that was hid in the mountains, and EL Yunque the misty heights of the mountains were Yukiyu resides. The precious things of the earth are the hidden riches seen and unseen.  The goodwill of him that dwelt in the bush signify when the angel meet Moses in the burning bush. So we see that these blessings were extended down to Ephraim from Joseph. His glory is like the first-ling of his bullock represents the best quality of his attributes. The horns represents his strength, power and courage, with which he shall lead the people and courage, with which he shall lead the people (The Other Tribes) together to the ends of the earth, bringing the other tribes to America. The ten thousands of Ephraim and the thousands of Manasseh showed that the Puerto Ricans & Cubans shared a unique history together, the Ciboney & Taino and Arawak Indians. In the blessings that came upon Ephraim Chief Cubanacan of the Cuban Indians. Manasseh (Cuba) was also blessed with a beautiful land, beaches, warm climate, fruits and natural resources. (Lost Tribes Promised Land p.361-367) proves Ephraim & Manasseh.

Note:    In Deut 33:22 - GAD - He proved the first part for himself; he also took of the land that was given to him here in America. Because amongst Gad there where leaders that executed the Law. And also being scouts they came with the heads of the people, with the rest of the 10 Tribes, migrating to America. Gad executed the justice of the Most High (Laws) and his judgments with Israel. Of all the tribes Gad kept more of the laws, customs & traditions of Israel for instance the wearing of fringes (Num 15:37-40) chiefs over their tribes (1Kings 8:1) following the months by moons (1Sam 20:5), smoke signals (Judges 20:38) made tents from animal skins (Exd 36:19-20). They produced curios wood works, jewelry, stones fabrics, skins (animal) (Exd 35:25-27) hunting the buffalo (Pygarg) read (Deut 14:5); the Indians had prophets they called Medicine Men or Shamans (1Sam 9:9-10).

Ephraim - Hosea 4:17 - Loves and joined to idols (example Botanicas - stores that sells so-called religious items, such as statues of saints and the European idol of the Virgin Mary, and the false idol of the image of Christ (Caesar Borgia). Crosses on their chains, and jewelry. Idols and images they pray to.

Hosea 7:8-9-11 - The Puerto Ricans mixed themselves amongst the different European groups (Spaniards, Italians). So his color is like a cake not turns yellowish in color, as oppose to dark brown when a cake is fully baked. The strangers that devoured his strength, and he knows it not represents the so-called European Caucasian (Spaniards), (Americans), when he is told about his history concerning what the Europeans did to him, he acts as if he doesn’t known. They gray hairs represent the elders and learned of their people, but they refuse to accept what the European has done to them, and gave the Spanish language, flag and name (Puerto Ricans) which means rich port. The pride of our people testifies to their face of their lies and false hood life styles we are living by and they do not return to the most high nor seek him for all of those things that has come upon us. So called Puerto Ricans are like a silly dove without heart (mind, understanding, knowledge and wisdom). Meaning they act so stupidly when it comes to true knowledge of the Most High, and their true heritage, custom language, religion and history. A silly dove is a bird that just flies all over the place without any lodging or one that loses her young ones and goes crazy. They call to Egypt, they go to Assyria. It means they go to all the wrong places, mainly to the enemy to solve their problems. From one European enemy to another without thinking he is the natural enemy. Egypt and Assyria are not European nations, but are dark skinned (Black) nations that held us captives (slaves) in one point of history one after the other.

Hosea 9:13 – Ephraim was planted in a pleasant place (Samaria a land in Israel). But he shall bring them to the murderer (Spaniards, and Euro American).

Hosea v13-v16 – So called Puerto Ricans homeland (Samaria) became desolate for rebelling against the Most High. So called Puerto Ricans fell by the sword. Their infants were dashed in pieces, and women with child were ripped up or opened by cruel, evil Spaniards (conquistadors) when they arrived on the Island of so called Puerto Rico. Historical books that prove what biblical prophecy states are as follows: (1) Slavery a World History by Milton Meltzer p 8, 9, Chapter 1 “People from Heaven”. (2) Destruction of the Indies by Las Casas (3) The Conquest of America by Tzvetan Todorov p. 138, 139. (4) America from Columbus to Castro by Eric Williams.

12.       Benjamin – Black people brought to the West Indies known today as West Indians. Gen 49:27 – Benjamin shall be vicious as a wolf, he shall devour the prey in the morning. The prey represents the European that oppresses Benjamin, from the time of slavery up until now. Raven as a wolf also represents the characteristics of Benjamin’s songs that he sings, concerning revolution his reggae music base on prophecies of the bible; Steel Pulse, Peter Tosh, Bunny Walker, and Bob Marley. Benjamin is a warrior tribe and at night he shall divide the spoil means when he devours the enemy in the morning, at night he shall divide with his brethren. The morning also represents the day the Most High raises us up in his sight, for ruler ship of the earth.

Duet 33:12 – Benjamin the beloved of the Most High (The Youngest Tribe and Son of Jacob) shall dwell in safety by the Most High. How does the Most High cover him all the day long, by the skies, seas, warm climate in the Caribbean, beautiful land and beaches. And he shall dwell between his shoulders symbolizes the chain of Islands in the West Indies between North America & South America. North America the head, the West Indies the shoulder part of the body Central America, the middle section of the body, South America, the tail or lower part of the body (Torso or Foot).

The 12 Tribes are categorizing into four groups.

  1. Judah, Gad, Reuben (North America)
  2. Simeon, Levi, Dan Joseph, Benjamin (West Indies)
  3. Zebulun and Issachar (Central America)
  4. Naphtali and Asher (South America)

 Historical books proving Benjamin are the so called West Indians. (Babylon Too Timbuctoo by Rudolph Windsor p. 84-86) (Nature Knows No Color-Line by J.A. Roger p 49, 63, 65, 123 & 130)

Judah, Benjamin and Levi were brought on slaves’ ship, from West Africa during the 1600’s.

Duet 28:68 – We were brought into slavery Egypt (modern Egypt) and there we were sold as slaves. And no man shall buy us (Old Quaker English word meaning “Save”) no man shall save us out of our conditions that we face in America and throughout the Islands.

Duet 28:48 – Serving our enemies in the want of all things. Iron collars upon our necks in slavery.

Duet 28:30 – Slave masters raped and took our women, we builded, planted and didn’t receive our due reparation.

Duet 28:32 – Our sons and daughters were taken away and given to different slave masters. Our eyes look, but nothing could be done; we waited for the return of our children.

Duet 28:37 – We became an astonishment, stereotyped and depreciated examples knoons, niggers, sambo, spook; jigger boo, Afro American, Negro, colored and many more names and degrading characterization.

Duet 28:64 – The Diaspora of us in all countries and people of the earth, where we are serving other strange and satanic religions.

Duet 28:66-67 – Our life hanging in doubt no assurance of our life because of fear. Example: Civil Rights being violated by the European America, Law Enforcement, black on black crime, and all sorts of violence being perpetrated upon us and also during the hard bondage of slavery. In the morning we would say to the Most High it were even for the hard bondage of slavery, so when night came in we would rest. And at night it was morning, because of all the terror, burning, lynching, and all the crimes that were committed at night time in dark desolated areas.

Duet 33:28-29 – Restoration, deliverance and ruler ship of the 12 Tribes of Israel which is inevitable according to the biblical prophecies of the Most High Yahawah.

Ezekiel 39:22-29 – The Most High bringing us out of captivity in Babylon the Great (America) and all the places where we have been scattered. Then shall all nations know why the true Israelites went into slavery for our iniquity. That’s the reason why the European American was able to enslave and rule over us.

As we look around Israel America and different parts of the earth. We see a conspiratorial, demonic and diabolical plot by groups of impostors and impostures that are cleaving to our heritage and glory. But the Most High Yahawah has made it cleared to us who they really are Ezek 7:21-25, Ezek 25:12-14, Ezek 35:1-15, Ezek 36:5-7, Isa 34:1-16, Rev 2:9. Rev 3:9-10.

Shalawam: Qam Ya-Shar-Ahla: All praises Dominion, Majesty, Glorification, to the only Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, Most High Yahawah, who has blessed us with his knowledge, wisdom and understanding, to continuously shine upon us in these perilous times, against the principalities, against power the rulers of the darkness of this world, against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ecclesiastics 36:1-12 A Prayer for Israel Amen.

This work is dedicated to Two Major Pioneers and Great Elders that led this nation to the point where we are now this present day.

Elder, Scribe, Priest Ya-I-Qab
Elder, Brother, Father, Bishop Ma-Shah

We will meet again in the Kingdom of The Most High Yahawah. “Shalawam” And to all brothers and sisters throughout Babylon the Great, The Island and the four corners of earth. Isa 11:11-14.

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